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Living Better with Diabetes workshops help you . . .

Feelbetter.  Increase yourenergy and get relief from pain, fatigue, and difficult emotions.

Take control of your life.  Helps you do the things you want to do each day.

Getconnected.  Learn from others who have similar health issues.


The Living Better with Diabetes workshop is a 6-session, peer-led health education program for people dealing with Diabetes.  The Workshop compliments the health care participants may already be receiving. The purpose of the Living Better with Diabetes workshop is to enhance one’s skills and ability to manage their health and maintainan active and fulfilling lifestyle.

In addition participants learn or enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills which enable them  to confront the ever-changing challenges of living with Diabetes. The course is facilitated by two trained volunteers. Participants are invited to bring a family member, friend and/or caretaker.


Program Content Includes:

▪ Decision making & problem-solving skills

▪ Developing & maintaining a safe, long-term physical activity program

▪ Preventing Complications

▪ Dealing with anger, depression & difficult emotions

▪ Communicating effectively with family, friends & health professionals

▪ Using prescribed medication appropriately

▪ Healthy eating

▪ Monitoring

▪ Skin & Foot Care

▪ Planning for future health care

RESULTS: Program participants demonstrated improved health status, health behavior, and self-efficacy, as well as fewer emergency room visits at four months. At one year, the improvements were maintained and remained significantly different from baseline condition.

▪ Better communication with physicians

▪ Better coping strategies and symptom management

▪ Increased physical activity

Reduced health distress

For further information on Living Better With Diabetes workshops in your area contact Julie Cooke today!


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* Living Better with Diabetes workshops utilize the Diabetes Self-Management Program curriculum developed at Stanford University’s Patient Education Research Center.  For morei nformation about the program, please visit the Stanford Patient Education Research Center’s website:

Health Initiative, Inc.     315-261-4760      6439 SH 56, PO Box 5069, Potsdam, NY 13676